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There are already alot of advance markers dropped for a continuation :
All these markers make for some good shark-jumping traits. Besides, I don't think anybody would be convinced by either of the media's depiction of life after high school. There is more freedom but there isn't much room to "take it easy" like the girls do in the manga. There is some particularly grittier SoL out there but K-On has not taken that format nor do the anime/manga wish to take that risk (hence the invention of Yuri Paradise University).

cuteness and character depth.
I don't think the manga is particularly strong in the area of the second one. I'd say the cuteness and the all-girls setting was the bigger sell. Following pics related:

* Not all SoL adhere to this format, it just seems to be the format that has become more commonplace today.

Also, the 21st can't come soon enough. I hope they don't cop-out on the unaired songs and just stick them into the image CDs. Giving HTT another album release like last time would do quite well.
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