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Originally Posted by Alcindor View Post
don't know if this is a repost but this link is very important discussion with Ryukishi07 himself ,every one who read ep 8 or partly should read it
Yeah, this is it. Danke.

Anyway, as for the software thing... well... in that same paragraph, he said: "Even though the clothes belong to Shannon, if what’s within is another being then that person would surely be able to kill George. Clothes are not a personality. And so, even though the cloths and the hairdo might be Shannon’s, but there is the possibility that it was another person, when she started asking questions about George."

That screams DID to me.

Originally Posted by cronnoponno View Post
Yasu is real, Shannon is fake, who is Yasu's ideal>
Super Shannon is a creation of Yasu's imagination, but Yasu's servant name may indeed be Shannon.
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