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@Topic: Do the other shinigami know about Ichigo's hollow?
Once the FKT battle takes place, Komamura's statement during his battle with Tousen kind of implied that the Captains and VC's probably knew about it and are okay with it since he didn't intentionally seek out hollow powers. What's puzzling is that we don't know exactly how the rest of the Captains and VC's could've found out. Because during canon parts of the plot, the only one among the Gotei 13 he ever showed his hollow side to was Byakuya. (Hanataro saw his mask as well, but Ichigo wasn't wearing it at the time.) Byakuya also went on record for stating that he wouldn't inquire anything about it. Plus he doesn't seem the type that would spread the news about it to anyone. Rukia didn't even see Ichigo with his mask on until after his final battle with Ulquiorra. But by the time we see her witness him in that state for the first time in the plot, she showed no surprise and was even able to somehow account for the fact that by that point, his mask changed appearance again.

So it's really weird. With the way Ichigo kept conveniently managing to avoid going Vizard in front of any VC's or Captains until the FKT saga, it was as if Kubo was planning to make his Vizard form a big shock for the Gotei 13. But then later on he tosses the idea out the window and simply has everyone know about it already as if it's old news. IMO, I've always considered that aspect of the plot to be poorly explained.

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