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Like the others said, that was kind of abrupt. Though with the series being Bakuman, I guess I can tolerate it. On that same thought path though, this is one series where I was fully expecting an epilogue (again, due to it masterfully jumping through time throughout the series).

I can only hope there will be a bonus chapter or something when the full volume comes out.


Look, all you've been doing is hating on Bakuman for the past little bit (since the Miho arc started, at least). Though I can understand that the M&M relationship might not have been the best part of Bakuman for some people, those people could at least acknowledge its necessity to the story. Your criticism is ridiculous. Again, these guys finished the manga where, and how they wanted. Just because it wasn't how you liked it doesn't mean the author doesn't "know how to write a proper ending". Get over yourself.
How is my criticism ridiculous? The "Reversi" ending was terrible, and now the Bakuman ending isn't decent as well. Also, this is forum. Everyone has the right to expressing his own opinion and though about it.

Yeah, it is their works. They can finish or do whatever they want with their works, but this doesn't mean that they are free from criticism. Reviews and movies critic existed for a reason.
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