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Originally Posted by White Manju Bun View Post
Does he even have henchmen? The thing with PsychoBear is he is all for sitting back and watching stuff happen on its own. He has rules but we see just what happens to people if theyre broken. If Naegi was breaking any he'd be dead. Assumption says whoever hit Naegi is probably the 16th student but perhaps not. Like I said earlier, person in the mask looks male (mostly due to lack of chest) but again thats just my take.

It's more a question if this was the 16th student, why were they back there? Is the 16th student also working with PsychoBear like the mole is? Not having cameras in the bathrooms make it easy for anyone to slip thru that door and not be noticed.
my thinking was that all those food that gets stocked at the cafeteria wasn't carried around by monobear, or maybe it was a fleet of monobears who does all the chores around the school, that way there won't be a need for henchmen, or maybe I'm just over-analyzing that point

you know how stages have the back stage, the access to the roof and all the other rooms like the changing/costume/props rooms? it looks like that room kirigiri found is like that, it also looks like that's how monobear cleans up all those corpses

but to set that aside, most likely it was the 16th student who attacked naegi. it looks male, and looks like he's the one pulling the strings, or at least in cahoots with monobear.
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