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Originally Posted by jeroz View Post
Perhaps it was from the previous group like in battle royals and someone in it tries to convince the people to stop the infighting with no avail?

However one thing that still worries me is who will be the culprit next? Togami doesn't seem like the type to dirty his own hands, Genocider is too obvious and will protect him no matter what so they are both safe. Same goes to Sakura and Aoi. I highly doubt either Naegi or Kirigiri will kill either. Shaman can't do a thing anyway since he's too much of a wimp.
Good point. I'm inclined to agree with you - Most of the remaining characters don't strike me as the sort of people who would murder someone. Leon and Mondo both had that "edge" to them where you could imagine them snapping in the heat of the moment and taking someone out. Celes had this cold, calculating nature to her that made it possible to imagine her doing what she did.

But out of the characters left, only Genocider has that "murderer" feel to her, and one would think she's too obvious, as you wrote. Still, some thought that Celes' Ooc behavior in Episode 6 made her too obvious to be the culprit, but she did in fact end up being the culprit.

Perhaps there'll be a "game-changer" soon that'll break the anime out of its "Kill Episode, Trial Episode, Kill Episode, Trial Episode, etc..." pattern that it's had for awhile now.
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