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Originally Posted by risingstar3110 View Post
On the same topic, what do idols do when they grow old and... well lose their sex appeal? Especially the Japanese and Korean ones since we are talking about them

I means singer can either try to catch up with the trend or lurk away and go oversea for ceremony performance from time to time. Actor can go on forever if they take the opportunities well.
Tis is hard to say. For the girls, if you look at morning musume, they all left the group around 22, 27 being the latest. 22 is probably the key number here because normally people graduate from college and find jobs around this age.

This is probably because most idols are expected to be adolescents looking for a proper career whether it be a singer, actor etc.
Those who can not make this transition a the ones that disappear/ lose their appeal.

As for AKB, apart from the few that left on their own terms already, the current main members are already 20 to 25 years old, meaning in the next few year we can expect th em to leave the group.
One of the key events may be for them to perform at Tokyo Dome, and this may happen summer 2012.

Another reason is, due to them having to keep their business owing. Due to their CD selling system, (buy a cd to place one vote for your favorite girl) they need competition within the group. The current members are pretty much set in their ranking and popularity, making it difficult to motivate the fans to purchase their CDs.
in order to avoid this, they need to change the members and reheat the competition.

AKB is the anomaly in the idol world in many ways, but most probably due to the business scheme attached to them. I am not a huge fa, but I hope the girls land n their feet Presley when Akimoto pulls the plug on them.

For men, however, Johnny's has made it possible for 40 year olds to stay together as an idol group and still function together.
Maybe this is because men tend to mature and become more appealing to both the fans and people in the industry, whereas women are only appreciated for their youth.
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