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Originally Posted by Wild Goose View Post do realise that it can't deploy its guns in Bomber mode, right? And that using the artillery railguns requires a stable and stationary platform, one you can only get with the legs?

The idea of the Koenig Monster is that it's a transformable version of the original Monster. Like all artillery units, the Destroid Monster carries heavy firepower, but it slow, and getting the firepower where you want it fast enough is a bitch. Hence, the Shuttle mode on the Koenig Monster, the idea being that it flies to the AO, deploys into GERWALK mode, blasts the crap out of everything, transforms back into Shuttle mode and flies home. As for why it has legs, the idea is to grant it limited mobility when in ground operations mode (actually, its mobility is slightly better than a standard towed artillery gun, though a self propelled gun probably has better mobility), as well as a lower center of gravity that brings better stability. Also note that when Kanaria fires her guns, the Koenig Monster leans back and a back stabiliser deploys, forming a tripod configuration in combo with the front legs - something very similar to a mortar tripod, incidentally.

As for why it needs to transform into GERWALK mode, I refer you to episode 25, where Kanaria does a 360 degree turn, blasting all targets she sees. You can't do those sorts of turns in Bomber mode.

Also, the other reason the Koenig Monster needs to transform because the missile launchers, arm guns, and railguns are not available in Bomber mode; Shuttle mode's only weapons are the nose autocannons. It has no other weapons in shuttle mode - you're confusing it with the VAB-2 and the VA-9 Invader (which was a bomber Valk based off the A-6 Intruder bomber in service with the US Navy).
Why not? What's stopping it from deploying its railguns while in bomber mode? That's like saying a tank can't deploy its cannon unless it transforms into a mech.

Are we discussing this in context to the monster firing in space or on a planet? In space, it doesn't need to be braced. Actually the railguns would serve as an auxiliary propullsion device if necessary.

On land, legs don't provide a stable platform. Actually, they would just be more likely to break, or cause the mech to fall flat on its back. Tracks would be more logical if you wanted it to remain mobile.

I don't have a major problem with it being able to transform into a shuttle/bomber whatever. More mobility is good, I mentioned this already.

Again, tracks can provide MORE stability, and MORE mobility than those goofy legs can. No leg configuration has superior stability compared to just tracks. Tracks are also a simpler design, and easier to repair.

Ack no. You don't need to transform into gerwalk mode to spin in space. Macross gets this part horribly wrong. In space, you don't have to face the direction you are moving in. You can spin all day while moving in one direction if you wanted to. In fact, that's what planets do. Well they spin while moving in circles.

Yea, but why not? Why not have those weapons mounted while in shuttle/bomber mode? What's stopping it from happening other than a really bad design on the part of the engineers?
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