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Originally Posted by LVD View Post
Oh, dokupan, did you want more PLUM doujins? I think the only ones I didn't send you are Magical SEED No.Due, Magical SEED Galaxy, Magical SEED BIND, Magical SEED, and Magical SEED A2, so I'm not sure which ones you don't have.... Is it safe for me to assume you have Magical SEED OTHER as well?

And we kind of sort of did three doujins - Lyrical Waha, Master, and I'm totally counting all those eggs as an entire entity.

So, I'm a paranoid procrastinating perfectionist, eh?
Got all those~ And OTHER as well, yes. Magical SEED DESTINY and Magical SEED 総集編X too. It's all the newer ones I can't find. :<

Okay, sure, we've done 3 then.

Are you going to deny it? :>

Originally Posted by LVD View Post
That, and I've only completed grade ten English, lol....
So does that mean you're in eleventh grade or a dropout? :O

Blargh, I'm not going to be doing anymore translating until my eyes've healed.
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