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Originally Posted by Vivio Testarossa View Post
@BPHaru Could you translate

It's just a poem, so it's not that easy to translate. This was made by our dear doujinshi editor and fanfic writer Naymco (who also redrew Hazukashikunai no ga Koi) for a thread in our forums that is for role playing as canon Nanoha characters (the thread is fun because now everyone is 'rolling' their chracters in the whole forum xD). Our Fate is marrying our Nanoha soon, so she drew it for the occasion, and maybe the poem is for her votes...? We'll have to wait until the weeding to know ^^

Also is hard for me to translate from Spanish to English, but I'll give it a try if you want (but I can guarantee that it will sound weird, and some sentences would have to be reworded )

If I were an angel
I would fly to you
I would do it
I would do anything
to be by your side
I would do
the impossible
to hold your hand
You are my life
my destiny, my day by day.
You are
what I dream
what I yearn.
I need you,
like flowers and the waters
drops in a umbrella
heart in a soul
I feel that way
I feel something beautiful
I have a feeling and tell you
I tell and repeat
that I just...
fell in love with you.

I think it sounded better in Spanish, but anyway I'll be pleased if someone tells me what should be corrected (grammar, wording, spelling). It's mainly because I had some problems translating this and I want to know where are any mistakes.

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