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Well yeah today's chapter follows exactly like the manga,with a lil bit addition of things,but overall its still follow the whole storyline from chapter 8-10 of the manga.So far this is the only series i could remember that completely following the original storyline,without altering any part of it (well maybe they did alter but so far i never notice any one of it..maybe just a minor part).

Anyway if the whole thing really follows the manga,then i guess next episode will be a real bomb (chapter 10+ and 11~~ of the manga).Can't wait for it

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Relieved, but episode was quite loyal to the manga... with some additional stuff like Yamatube and the manga-ka added in, for good effect.
I lol-ed so hard on the yamatube...too bad its not linked on the official fan site

But yeah i did sent a comment on the BBS there for fun
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