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When asked Ui wanted to go to their school for High School. The impression is that is is a fairly good all girls school that is hard to get into (though they point out Yui managed to get how hard can it be?). However if it is indeed a good school and require a fairly hard entrance test, then Yui may not be as dumb as she's made out to be. Even the general "spacey" characters such as Tsukasa and "Osaka" don't seem to get good grades and their high schools are likely average in quality (even if Kagami or Chiyo-chan also go there). Yui seems "spacey" but can focus. She even said that "this is easy once I focus on it", just she couldn't stay focused on it. The Guitar calls to her. It wants her to learn an "x" cord, man. Just to be new and killer with metal, man.
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