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Originally Posted by kuroishinigami View Post
New harem? From the nuance of the picture I was thinking she was more on the line of an enemy, but I can't be that sure from the little text we have XD. She has the same last name as Ichika and Chifuyu though which might mean they're related in someway or she's a clone or something. Oh well, there's now way to know till vol 7 come out :P
I kind of support this theory. It might be similar to the Aoba/Shiva case in JInki Extend. But, I am GUESSING that either Ichika is the clone or vice versa. But if Ichika is the clone of his dad, it could mean that his dad or maybe the mom if the genes were articially planted during implantation/fertilsation. I don't know...we need a timeline.

Or go screw both and maybe both were like Kira yamatos from seed.

Or maybe for lolz that this new character is just yandere for her "brother"? xD

hai, hai. Onii-chan has his work cut out for him.
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