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I read that the hardships Satoru and Saki went through in the caves were very hard (more than what was shown in the program). So Satoru is very tense and tired.

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That assumes the system works as well as advertised. How many people in the village are well behaved because the system produces good people, and how many of them are just putting on Stepford smiles because the conditioning holds them in check or they're afraid of disappearing?
Well, they can not cause physical pain on another human (if a person causes pain to another human, that person also suffers). This rule only applies to humans.

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Wow everything is so messed up now. They better start explaining things the next few episodes.
Satoru is on the verge of insanity right now. How is he able to kill so easily. This show almost makes it seems like the real human nature of people is killing.
Well, they learned that it is wrong to hurt humans, but that does not apply to the Queerats. In addition, the Queerats are attacking them first.
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