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Originally Posted by John117xCortana View Post
Was Malaysia involved in Project Prominence ?
COSEAN as a whole; they've got Garuda Test Flight, which operates the F-18E Super Hornet.

Originally Posted by MitchelJohn View Post
I think the only nation from COSEAN was the Garuda test flight from Indonesia.

I'd doubt Malaysia will send the RMAF Test flight to Yukon with the amount of military budget we have :U
It's not actually stated whether Garuda is Indonesian-only, or whether it's a joint COSEAN effort; for my fic's purposes, I've chosen to envision Garuda as a joint COSEAN force. The original CO was Indonesian, as was Garuda 2, but due to some... "issues", he got replaced by John Davis, an RMAF Hornet pilot, as the COSEAN powers-that-be, in a surprising display of common sense, noted that if a Test Flight is supposed to do OPEVAL on the Super Hornet, it only makes sense that it should have at least someone who has had actual Hornet time. Other members of Garuda include a Singaporean, Thai and Filipina pilot, non of whom have ever flown a Hornet (though everyone has flown the Tiger II, which pulls double duty as a trainer and frontline TSF).

At least, that's how I'm playing it.
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