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Originally Posted by Wild Goose View Post
...sorry, never played Armored Core. Any of them. At all. So this all flew over my head.

...well at least Malaysia should be okay. Even though I figure my main OC is gonna end up either NOMMED or shot during RLF arc
well to explain. White Glint's pilot is the playable MC of AC4. And in ACFA the sequel to AC4, you the player which is Hibiki here have the choice to fight against White Glint or to take it down. Yuuya is the pilot of "Fragile" and is the top Ace rank #1 of NEXTs. And Cryska is piloting stasis, a super fast machine that can predict and anticipate your moves(fluff) and whose in game pilot was more machine than man.
the catch here is

Havent played ACFA in ages so forgive me if i remembered it wrong.
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