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There are posts like that floating all over the place, so I decided to dispel the rumours. Many other people have also asked me about 10-bit MKV decoding on the iPhone 5. Thus, I have made a video showing the iPhone 5 handling these 10-bit files like butter. It will decode any 10-bit MKV you throw at it without any colour defects, framerate drops, typesetting problems or sluggish rendering. In fact, it's the only smartphone I've tested that does so.

I have owned many devices, and even with flagship Android devices such as the SGS3 and the Nexus 7, I still occasionally see a hiccup or colour defects when it comes to 10-bit files. No such thing on the iPhone 5. And Windows Phone...don't even start talking about it.

Files tested:
[Commie] Psycho-Pass - 01 [F4BCFB1E].mkv

ipod all can't handle mkv well. Only VLC app claimed to do it, but it was terrible and unwatchable.

You'll need to reencode. I had a method but I'm sure it's obselete now.
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