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I read this and saw the doubtful people around so I tried it myself.
Using HD Player on the App Store and my iPhone 5S on iOS 7.0.4.
I was able to decode (flawlessly) 10-bit 720p AAC Lucky Star with subs (Encoded by Elysium and downloaded from AnimeBytes for the skeptical ones) and also (with around 2 secs of "loading" delay when I started or played after pausing it) 10-bit 1080p FLAC with Subs of Clannad : After Story from Doki, downloaded on AnimeBytes too.

Maybe it's time to try for yourselves instead of being skeptical?

Also as a remark I also was able to read on my Droid DNA (Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset) some 720p 10bit files some months ago with MX Player and S/W decoder (HW of course wouldn't work). Didn't try 1080p at the time so I don't know for 1080p Hi10bit on android phones.
The 720p at the time was Joseole's endoe of Zero No Tsukaima's first season. Downloaded on animebytes once again.
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