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There is none. Actually, it is perhaps yet another mystery about Battler.
The point is that Battler sure took his time to join Rudolf, before the latter got revenge killed by Eva.

I first thought it was Kyrie who killed him, stalking behind him when he left the guesthouse (even if she put that test on Rudolf, perhaps she just didn't bother in the end), but the narration certainly didn't hint that one bit.

So it is very likely that Battler found something that distracted him or even made him avoid being killed. The problem is to figure what or... "who".
It's practically setting us up for "Battler was Amakusa all along and didn't reveal himself to Ange to preserve Eva's fantasy of her parents (which he knew was also a lie)"* in ep8. I'm not sure whether I buy that, but it basically sets up Battler and possibly "Beatrice" still being alive if there is only ever one 1998.

Though were that the case, we'd be seeing some kind of setup for a final showdown in 1998 come ep8, and I can't really figure who. If Bern were even remotely close to the truth, the culprit would already be dead, and while there's Okonogi, he's not really all that impactful on the aspects of the story we care about.

Unless Bern got it all wrong and the culprit also survived, of course, or an off-island mastermind, or something of the sort, but I'm not entirely convinced of any of that either.

* This is actually a variant of the Battler = Amakusa thing that doesn't make him out to be a gigantic dick, since if Eva assumed initially that Battler did not survive (or never knew it), she'd tell Ange that he was killed and if he shows up suddenly it's going to give her false hope. She might also still think he was in on it. The part where it's suggested Amakusa tried to get close to Ange several times but was kept from doing so by Eva, however, sort of makes me wonder whether, if this were true, they both knew about it. Which is eight kinds of depressing.

Of course it may also be complete bull.
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