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The whole love thing is interesting because it's fairly prominent and, in a few spots, even convincing (though not perhaps the parts Bern wanted to be such). But she explicitly says she's got none. So are we looking through a lens at a "love story" written by somebody who has seen a bunch of love stories but never understood them? That might explain why some stuff makes no sense, like the ridiculous lengths to which the Yasu stories go trying to justify Bern's concept of Battler's "sin" when it really just portrays Shannon as a gigantic selfish idiot. From Bern's point of view, selfishness and love may as well be the same thing, so she has no problem portraying Shannon as completely irrational in order to make the facts match.
Redaction of the Golden Witch
I submit that a murder was committed in 1996.
This murder was a "copycat" crime inspired by our tales of 1986.
This story is a redacted confession.

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