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Sorry but why is it even considered here that it might NOT have been incest...?

It was made clear that Kinzo never loved his family in the main mansion as much as the child he had with Beatrice1 and that his wife he already had before he met Beatrice1 did not mean anything to him. Beatrice1 died by giving birth to her child which Kinzo therefore regarded as a reincarnation of Beatrice1. So the older this Beatrice2 got, the less Kinzo treated her like a daughter.

The word 犯す was even stated referring to what Kinzo later did to Beatrice2, so I don't see where there could be any misunderstanding. This was the whole reason why Genji and Nanji refused to reveal that Lion actually did survive because they did not know whether Kinzo would make the same mistake, but later in the Episode we see that Lion, or Beatrice3 especially after solving the epitaph, was brought to Kinzo eventually and Kinzo finally had someone who he thought he could apologize to... before finally dying and being prepared to go to hell...

The scene Lion sees in the tea party where his other possible self accuses Genji and Nanjo of not letting him die 19 years ago also pretty much underlines the possibilty of him being a hermaphrodite, or at least a male being with very effeminate traits, which he finds difficult to live with since he thinks he can't even love or be loved by someone. I am not sure whether incest might increase the probability of hermaphroditism or if Lion only has a very weak, effeminate body due to the accident he sustained as an infant. Not many things considering that were really proven, a lot was left open to (pretty much apparent) interpretation since the whole issue is a rather difficult topic.

It would be interesting though if R07 really meant it to be hermaphroditism since this does not occur that often in popular culture as far as I know and apart from that he would also sort of make fun of all the gender-related depiction tricks in japanese (meta-) mysteries that became more or less prevalent during the 3rd wave of (orthodox) mystery fiction.

Why Lion only has a little complex but does not seem as devastated in the world where he does not fall from the cliff can be answered by the different upbringing I guess. He was never treated as an unrelated child by Krauss and Natsuhi, Kinzo always pampered him since he was Beatrice2's child, so he must have become more self-confident in that kakera and could somehow deal with his different nature, which was also implied by himself when Will asked him whether he was male or female.

EDIT: Oh, so the missing red truth is the reason why this was not completely accepted as it was shown... Well, personally I think it would make sense since that could explain all the different personalities in one body which is then also counted as one body out of 17. And where would be the reason of the whole beginning of EP7 otherwise... Bern wanted Will to deduce that Lion and the witch from 1986 are 2 sides of the same coin and he only got to that conclusion after talking to all the characters, including Kinzo, Kumasawa etc.
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