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Actually, there's a very... tenuous connection between the proposed crime and legend of the witch at all. The Tea Party scarcely suggests her role as anything more than a steward. Yet if we go by the first four episodes, it certainly appears that "Beatrice" has some manner of involvement in events, whether as noise or participant. It doesn't really add up, as Klash has sad.

Not to mention the ridiculous levels of unbelievable melodrama in the Yasu scenes generally. Oliver has alternately described it to me as "Dickensian" and "Vaudeville," and I can't disagree. It's like somebody was trying to connect as many dots as possible and didn't care how sappy or illogical the story needed to be.

Move over, Will: The one who killed Beatrice is whoever thought this crap was a good answer. But with ep8 still to come, I suspect (and hope) that ryukishi doesn't consider himself one of them... even though he wrote it.
Redaction of the Golden Witch
I submit that a murder was committed in 1996.
This murder was a "copycat" crime inspired by our tales of 1986.
This story is a redacted confession.

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