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Originally Posted by Chandalen View Post
So is Momo all tsun like taiga was? If so no chance in hell I'm going to touch this.
She's not Tsun, she's a TsunDere! And she's nowhere like Taiga.
People still seem not to get this: It's the Romance Triangle (or Quadrangle or whatever) and the alliance relationship between Protag and Heroine that resemble Toradora, the cast and setting are in no way similar to the cast in Toradora......
I think it's important for the main heroine to be a tsundere otherwise the story will not develop well, and the series will be less funny.
So far, like OreShura, I find this to be a satisfying rabukome (and I'm not a fan of rabukome btw), and getting educated on even more Otaku-ism than Oreimo & Haganai.

Originally Posted by Syokool View Post
I was talking about the development. The same way how Ayase changed with Kyousuke in the last volume of Oreimo.

Azuki... I still don't know much about her (much more than what did you write) so I will check that out.
As I've commented several times in Oreimo thread, I find the latest developments in Oreimo to be a little forced and a downer, I hope there's a good reason for that.
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