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Originally Posted by AP24 View Post
It's a little too early to judge Momo as a tsundere heroine. It takes time for tsundere heroines to develop and only 4 volumes had been released so far. So who knows maybe Momo will develop into a lovable character like Taiga did. This will be much clearer if this series gets an anime adaptation but I'm sure it will cause light novel series with the main heroine as a tsundere tend to get anime adaptation.

If this series will be adapted into an anime and will be produced by JC Staff it's no surprise if Rie Kugimiya will be voicing Momo. JC Staff had already adapted four light novel series that has Rie Kugimiya voicing the main heroine who is a tsundere (Shakugan no Shana, Zero no Tsukaima, Toradora, Hidan no Aria). It doesn't matter if the cast and setting are different as long as the main heroine is a tsundere.

So I just hope Momo will develop much more in the later volumes and the series gets an anime adaptation with JC Staff and Rie Kugimiya. That way we will get to see another Taiga.
This series is gonna be an anime, I know it! I just know it!!!! For years, my predictions came true like HotD, TWGOK and Dakara. The only one not ended becoming an anime is Aikora!

Anyways, the best candidate for this is AIC BUILD! I mean this is the perfect studio, and the perfect time-slot? NOITAMINA!!!!! The TBS friday timeslot!!!

Rie is okay for momo, but shes not all tsundere( for the meantime...) but the perfect va for momo is well, Ayana Taketatsu! and for the MC maybe Hiro Shimono?

and larethian, if I'm not mistaken you're the tl for the omae o otaku manga,right?
Well, good job! The new chapter is coming in the 27th, I can't wait for more!!!!
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