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Originally Posted by dspr8_rugged View Post
Can someone put up a screenshot of the mansion in the game OP (with and without the game logo, preferably)?

I'd appreciate it.

Is this what you were hoping for?


I'm surprise that this thread is only commenting mostly just on the characters... btw, kj1980 you're not alone. I like Maria - especially how she interacts with Battler. Although Jessica is my current favorite. Also, while I like the character designs (and this could be just me), but I can't help not to think to myself ジーク・ジオン

Anywho, is there anyone who thinks this "mystery" is solvable?
I know that Beatrice introduction in the Tea Party does make her appear to "exists" but I think she she only exists in the same way Frederica existed in Higurashi. Ms. Bernkastel herself stated that Beatrice is nothing more then the personification of the rule governing this world. So, her game is beatable!

Spoiler for My theory:
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