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Originally Posted by TinyRedLeaf View Post
The Beatles have done this before: Free As A Bird

That is, they've managed to splice John Lennon's voice into a brand new song, years after he died.

So......I'm wondering if there's any AMV creator out there skillful enough to "synthesise" a Beatles cover of Ringo Hiyori?
Honestly, if you could magically swap the vocal performance like that, I think that song would fit right into the Beatles repertoire. Musically it sounds a lot like something Paul McCartney would have composed and lyrically it really isn't that far off from something John Lennon might have written. If you can't take the pronunciation, try to imagine it being sung like Ob-la-dee, Ob-la-daa and it just seems to work. I have to admit, I've kind of grown attached to the way it's sung now, but either way, to me it's the catchiest ED to come along in a long time. Seems like they always pop up where I'm least expecting them
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