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Originally Posted by Fynal_Fyre View Post
1. The Dragon Sword, simple, effective, and the easiest to control for veterans of the old NG, powerful as hell to boot, with the new triple swallow.

2. The TCDF (Tiger Fang and Dragon's Claw), they're bloody fast, do GREAT damage, and are one of the three lvl. 4 upgradable weapons.

3. The Eclipse scythe: Best at dismemberments, 'nuff said.

I usually reserve the Dragon Sword for Boss fights, that said, other than spamming Y+Y+Y for the heavy slashes (great for lopping off human limbs) and Flying Swallow, the only other 2 moves that I frequently try to use is "Fortune Phoenix" and "Izuna Drop"... The latter getting more and more difficult to use against the claw ninjas especially when they spam explosives =_=


In addition, I find the Falcon Claw to be exceptionally effective against humans, at least in the earlier stages, I'm currently trying to master the LV 3 move that knocks the target into the air to set up for an Izuna Drop.

Against the larger Demons, I prefer the twin swords, it provides a large radius as well as being damn good at slicing their limbs off. Like the claw though, I'm currently trying to master the LV 3 move.

I'm not using the Lunar as much as I had originally thought I would... Only against really large mini bosses like that giant ape, or against swarms of... Bats and flying fishes.

But recently, in chap 9, I'm begining to find the Scythe as a great substitute to all 3 weapons, and it's effective just by spamming X or Y...


I'm stuck in chap 9... How do you fight those giant Piranhas? I'm assuming you have to beat both them and the frankenstein-ish demons to proceed?
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