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Thanks for the responses, I was curious to know where everyone stood on the idea, although, it quickly became apparent it was one sided.
Originally Posted by Avvesione View Post
Absolutely not. One of my favorite (if not my favorite) things about Needless is that Cruz does not have any powers, yet he's the main character. Had Cruz had a power from the start that grew with his character, it would've been like any run-of-the-mill shounen fight series. But one of the charms of Needless is that Cruz has to deal with all these problems and overcome them without any sort of power and that's unique to Needless. He's the weakest character in the entire series yet he does everything to help the strongest. Plus the fact that he has no power has led characters to treat him differently compared to other Needlesses. It has impacted his development in a way you don't see in most other manga/anime. Plus, it gives us a different perspective seeing the world and battles through his eyes.
Avvesione you've pretty much described my own feeling on this subject. All too often the main characters of these genre's turn out to be exactly like Blade. They have some power, or fighting ability that lets them overcome any adversary. Needless quickly became one of my favorite series, because Cruz didn't have any of that. All he had was his intelligence, and more often often the not this was how the rest of the protagonists were able to overcome their more powerful opponents. As its also been pointed out, Cruz has really grown as a character, and if he does develop a power, I'll also be ok with this, especially if that power were to manifest in order to save Mio.
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