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Originally Posted by erapath View Post
Originally Posted by Adan View Post
There's a good reason why the name of the main character of this story is "Cruz" (cross in spanish).
Now I understand why he is crossdresser.
You've just proved that Cruz will never wear men's clothing again.

Originally Posted by ShadowsAsgard View Post
Speaking of Kurumi, I recall there being four stasis tubes in the labs, but only Uten, Kafka and Teruyama are confirmed to have been cloned. And Kurumi's body was preserved by Saten...
We see four, but there could be lots more. Pretty much anyone could make an appearance.


You know, it would be interesting if Nanami and Misaki were to turn up and attempt to punish Mio for going over to the enemy. I don't think Setsuna and Kuchinashi would be too happy about siding with them if that happened...
Where did it all go wrong?
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