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Originally Posted by synaesthetic View Post
The difference isn't that one is needed or not needed, the difference is time. Males aren't needed for very long to procreate--just long enough to conceive. All they have to do is stick it in and get her knocked up.

The woman, on the other hand, has 99% of the responsibility, physiologically speaking, of doing the reproduction thing. She's got a fetus in her body that gets really big, makes it hard for her to move, makes her eat significantly more, often makes her sick... the list goes on.
I see your point and it makes me glad I am not a female (no offense intended if anybody takes any)
Its interesting to see how women tend to get the short end of the stick when they have to deal with so much more then men do, especially physiologically. I'm somewhat surprised that women were treated as bad as they were when the some problems they have to deal with came to light.

Originally Posted by DonQuigleone View Post
Women are not just useful for , ahem, procreation. Consider the fact that women go through menopause at ~45 long before they die of natural causes.
Excuse me if I am being ignorant but exactly how is that useful? I think I missed something...
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