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Originally Posted by Haladflire65 View Post
I think it's important for women to realize that the current societal environment affects how they view themselves is being affected just as much as how men view them. To change the attitudes of people in society towards gender roles and stereotypes, we need to be far more critical of everything we see and hear, and for that to happen media literacy would be crucial. This would be the first step in the direction of gender equality.
Well here's the thing. Genderization and sexualization (particularly of women) is highly reinforced by the mass media, but the fact is that at the core, the concepts of masculinity or femininity are pretty natural, and this is reflected in all major cultures. Men are simply more attracted to "womanly" women as women are more attracted to "manly" men.

The mass media is not the cause of this, instead, it serves as a magnifier of the superficial aspects of masculinity and femininity, which makes sense since "sex sells". The result is that both men and women get further objectified by commercial culture (though women are more subject to this), which has trivialized the classical meaning of what it means to to a man or what it means to be a woman into something like "if you're a guy you have to be rich, never cry, and have big muscles", and if you're a girl it means "you have to dress sexily, put on makeup, and accentuate your voice in silly ways". The more subtle implications of gender differences, the ones that are harder to pinpoint but yet actually matter, are practically ignored.

I like women who are feminine, but a girl does not automatically become more attractive to me because she has bigger boobs or is wearing a bikini, yet most of the I feel that mass media wants me to think this is the case. Likewise, a lot of girls I have have talked to like all sorts of guys, but that's because they have different ideas about what they find to be 'masculine', ideas which don't always equate to the "Brad Pitt" (or whatever) image.

Basically, notions of femininity and masculinity are perfectly natural, but they have been simply reduced to sexual manipulation via the media to get people to spend money. And then when people recognize this, they seem to accept the commercialized definition of gender differences when it's really just hypersexualization, and then reject gender differences altogether (even though they are natural and IMO inevitable) in favor of an "equal society", as if men and women need to be the same, which will never happen unless we re-engineer humans altogether.

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