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I'm surprised to see myself rooting for the Quincies Kira getting "killed" was a surprise, I really thought the introduced seats would get a beating first

"Ikkaku with hair" and "Yami with a beard" are ridiculous, I mean how lazy can you get.. "Mask Girl(?)" looks very very interesting, I really hope she turns out to be as cool as she looks

some thoughts about Aizen's rumoured "release the Kraken!"-moment:
-who do you think would decide to release him/do it by him/herself?
-would Aizen actually stand a chance against Quincies?
-would Aizen go up against the Quincies, team up with them, simply retreat or seek other goals(revenge, visit the king/"it")?
-what's his current state in "evolution"? he didn't look like butterflaizen the last time I saw him

Originally Posted by Xagzan View Post
*raises hand*

Um, where is this 1000 deaths in 7 minutes thing coming from? I didn't see anything like that in the chapter.
well it's hard to show 1000 deaths in one chapter, I think it's better to let them die off screen

also nobody would really care about these characters unless they would be killed brutaly or in a shocking or disturbing way
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