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Originally Posted by DonQuigleone View Post
Most women are faced with the demanding choice between just childcare, or just work, which is not something most women would presumably want.
Statistics also show that the more conservative (industrialized) societies, where there is huge pressure on mothers to quit their jobs and become housewives, also tend to have extremely low birth rates. That's because many women, when faced with a black and white career vs. children choice, choose to not have any children. While in societies where day care is easily accessible and of high quality, where the employers are willing to give women more flexible working hours, and where people don't look down upon you for not sacrificing your career to care for your children, the birth rates are much more healthy.

And I can totally understand why that is so. I'd like to have children eventually, but if I was pressured to give up my career, or if childcare was so bad or so unavailable that I'd be forced to give up my career, then you can guarantee, my decision would be "Screw it! It sure would be nice to spread my genes, but I'd rather spread my work!" (I'm an artist)
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