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Endings usually kill series for me. This one had me satisfied though. The shipper in me wanted some explicit coupling.
Yowzers. I knew a true confession wouldn't come, but was still just a bit disappointed--but this ending fulfills the spirit of the story. It'd be unreasonable to think Oreki has come that far--he's still just a high school student, after all--but it's clearly telegraphed where he's going by the wonderfully evocative ending, and him seeing his whole philosophy of energy conservation fall to pieces. He knows how he'll confess; he just has to gain the self-confidence to say it, and I think it's clear that'll happen. And there was even a little more understanding on his part of Satoshi--while still handling the issue far better than Satoshi did. Some closure with the empress, also...

Chitanda also saw her character rounded out in a wonderful way--a princess, indeed.
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