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Every season I give most of the animes a try, I have to admit that this anime has to be the must watch of the season if you are into this genre of anime.

I'm not sure of they meant it this way but, the story of the two villages remind me of Oreki and Chitanda's current situation. Oreki being the southern part, refused outside influences and clings to his own beliefs(Land and Water) and fought with the people outside of his own world. Soon Oreki just settled down and stuck to his belief (Energy conservation) but still refused outside influences. This was problematic for people who tried to approach him and no one knew what to do (Just like when it was suggested to go through the bridge in the south). But just like in the case of the two villages, Chitanda is able to breach the barrier between the two villages, she is able to connect Oreki(southern) to outside of his own world (Northern) and put them in peace.

I got so annoyed at the last part xD, I wish it wasn't just in his head...

GREAT anime, one I was eagerly awaiting every week and it's sad to see it go.
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