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Oreki couldn't speak those words because he could not guarantee that he would be the best guy for that job. He doesn't even know what he's good at yet and, his life motto was being destroyed. He now understood that he was the same as his best friend. So he swallowed those words out of fear, the commitment felt too big for him.

Now, Eru said that her place was not the most beautiful nor had the best potential, but she wanted to show it to Oreki anyway.

I'm sure we could reword this as. "This is not the best place, but I want you to know that this is where I am and where I'll be". This is something similar to what was killing Satoshi from inside but with the difference that Chitanda already knows what will be waiting for her in the future.

She already has her future set in stone, and it wasn't the best. And she was being apologetic about it. So, I think she's as afraid as Oreki, and Satoshi about her own feelings. She admires Oreki and doesn't want to chain him to a girl who's chained to such boring place.

And this is when KyoAni displayed why they are one of the best animation studio in the world.

When the wind blew the rare cherry tree's leaves, that place transformed. It became, just for a moment, the most beautiful and the one that had the best potential of them all. Exactly as Oreki imagined it a few seconds ago. The place suddenly became the most perfect there was for the two of them.

A very satisfying ending. True to Hyouka's style and heart. I'll never forget this show.
Now, we wait for that movie announcement.
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