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Originally Posted by FireChick View Post
I'm kinda getting the feeling that Lucky Star is gonna be like Azumanga Daioh for some reason. Or maybe that's just me?
I get a similiar vibe and wonder how much longer I will get to talk about the actual show, before the topics are flooded with posts like "OMG Aya Hirano is the best and Kyoani is teh pretty". I also pray to god that I'm just being overly paranoid and I can talk about this hilarious looking series with others when it airs. I always get this sense of forboding whenever either of the two are involved in anything, like all thats important to people is the fact that they are involved in some way.

I also resent the fact that Kyoto Animation seems to think that the series, as a look at the otaku industry of Japan, can't hold its own weight unless it has the latest and hippest voice actors playing the parts, so they have to fit them in to the cast. That's all I can pull out of this voice actor switch. Makes me, wonder how long its going to take for them to work Goto Yuko into the cast as well.

All in all it's a fairly insulting slap in the face to both me and the orchestrators of the base franchise.
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