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If one has read the manga Azumanga Daioh and Lucky Star - there are a lot of similarities in the format (witty dialog between high school girls of a variety of personalities in different situations). So... yeah.

I'm a little concerned about the VA switch. I always like to hear new voices (rather than the same 4 or 5 voices repeatedly until I can't watch a series without advanced cross-contamination thoughts from other series). As much as I like Hirano or Gotou, for example, I don't want to hear them doing *every* single character in *every* series whether or not their voices fit the role. OTOH, I don't have any really preconceived notions about what these characters should sound like.... so the major problem will be if I hear character X and keep thinking "character from series Y".

American examples: "john wayne" and "clint eastwood" movies are great to watch... but the story is almost irrelevant to watching these guys perform their iconic/archetypal selves. I think that's a shame to some extent - I don't mind it on occasion but when it interferes with the story itself (recalls Leonard Nimoy doing a Sherlock Holmes play right after he had finished Original Star Trek .... lets just say the audience was full of Trekkies rather than fans of Sherlock Holmes who would have applauded even if Nimoy had bumbled all his lines).

KyoAni has great production values, but it does not mean they are incapable of screwing up.... <shrug> I don't see too much point in getting overwrought until we see the series in action. If it makes me laugh, it wins for me -- if I start making the faces 0.O o.O then the points will slide off.

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