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Originally Posted by Vallen Chaos Valiant View Post
If you hate the series, why would you keep watching? Do you enjoy complaining about how a show is not to your taste?

I'm sorry, but my "Ignore" list in animesuki forums is filled with people who made it their life's goal to troll an anime forum complaining about a series they really should have stopped watching eight episodes ago. If you are going to be like that, please inform me ahead of time so you can join that list.
Dude it hasn't even aired yet, I'm speculating. Usually a series has to earn points with me for me to like it, so I always start off fairly skeptical. Its not enough that Kyoto Animation is doing it for me to declare it automatically good before its even aired, like it is with others. Since people don't ever allow me to say anything negative and it all has to be postive, I will be giving up my right to interpretation of the series including the good and the bad, which is a big deal to me, hence the sacrifice I would make should I lose the bet. I don't troll though, I say what I think, people just can't tell the difference for some reason, because they don't know that a critical perspective means highlighting the potential problems of something and where improvement can be made. If that's a problem go ahead and add me since you don't seem to like moderate or opposing opinions of shows, but keep in mind if I was trolling, I would have been moderated for it as this board has good moderators who don't allow for any shenanigans.

I assume your not in the bet than. I hope somebody takes me up.

You also don't seem to remember me. It's me the guy from the Haruhi forums who was initially extremely skeptical of the overwhelming popularity of the series. Intially I was unimpressed with it since it was nowhere near as good as others were claiming day in and day out, but I ended it up liking it very much in the end, though not to the degree others did. I now periodically check up on the translations of the novels and read a chapter when I have time.

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