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Hopefully that list doesn't include people who like a show but are able to see its shortcomings or are unhappy with certain aspects. I'd hate to read a forum where everyone just gushes about how wonderful it all is I know I've read some pretty amazing rants from Vallen over the last few years (here and on MT forums )

Kaioshin didn't say he hated the series, he hasn't formed an opinion, it hasn't aired yet. He is unhappy with the tendency lately to cast the *same* VAs over and over and over --- whether or not they may be the best choice for the role. That is an argument about the production team tension between art and profit -- and one I can say is quite suitable for discussion.

note: I don't know about "shameless pandering" , if she does the OP tune - its just another hook to draw in viewers and new potential fans. For me, potential problems arise when a series becomes more about a VA or a particular director than about the story itself.
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