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Originally Posted by Nightengale View Post
In some ways, I can see what the whole issue is about. It's much like Sunrise really. Some people are watching Sunrise animes waiting for it to turn into a trainwreck and laugh at it, ignoring the fact that Sunrise produced 2 good anime series alongside that one below-average Sunrise anime. And Kyoto Animation's rise to fame due to their apparent "faithfulness" and high production values due to low-episode count and one-anime-at-a-time-production has clearly appealed to those who wants eyecandy. It's not that they're a bad studio, it's just that they aren't GOD Animation either. They've been around for quite a while, but their track-record isn't long. I'm still waiting for an original studio animation by Kyoto Animation that should occur sometime in the future.

Likewise, my only interest in this anime so far is seeing how Kyoto Animation will deal with manga-adaptions, much less a 4-koma. I'm always interested in animation studio's virginal quest, even though 4-komas isn't wholely my cup of tea.
Well the fact that they will have to interpret a 4-Koma and will be required to add to it, could finally be their baptism of fire so to speak. Will they be able to rise to the challenge of actually writing a series and prove themselves once and for all or will they buckle under the challenge of having to do something other than animate a series that's already been written for them. Like I've said before, I see there faithfullness to original scripts as a weakness/crutch rather than a strength.It shows a lack of creativity, and its also seems to be the reason why Kyoto Animation can continue to afford high quality animation in its series. Thus, Kyoto Animation's entire credibility as a creatively competive studio for the next little while, rests on this series success.

Oh and just try hard to ignore the people who think its clever to expect each Sunrise series to trainwreck because one series failed as a result of everything under the sun going wrong at once and lack of trust in the production staff. The people who expect these trainwrecks, obviously aren't familiar with Sunrises catalogue and history of innovation (As far as I can tell they think Sunrise was founded in 2002 or something) stretching back into the mid 70's at least. When you define a genre time and time again it tends to balance out one failure.
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