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Originally Posted by Vallen Chaos Valiant View Post
Please, don't take it as an insult; I am just allergic to people who watch anime they hate just so they can say how much worse it is compared to last week. My philosophy is "if it makes my eyes bleed, I stop watching".

As for that thing with Haruhi? Yes, i remember you. And no, that's not important. People can like or dislike any show they want, and people become Haruhiists only if they truly believe in it. The line I highlighted on your quote in the last reply I made was the only thing I have an issue with. And it was really only because it brought back bad memories.

Anyway, onto a different line of thought...

Am I the ONLY person who believe Kyoto Animation doesn't need to make an Original Animation?
Why is it so important? The majority of anime on the market had been, is, and likely always will be adaptations. And so many good source material gets butchered by bad adaptions that most of us once believed it was inevitable.

KyoAni had proved us wrong. It IS possible to be faithful to the original while having a good product at the end. And thus far, that has been their strength. Close cooperation with original authors and an eye for detail had served them well thus far, so why risking it all doing something else?
You are exactly right a "GOOD" product, is what you get with a good adaptation. Well we've got an all-star cast of posters now, so I'm not really worried at all. We will be discussing this show after all without the threat of fanboyism. I think I'll be changing my Avatar to read something different now. Thanks for helping me restore my faith even though you didn't even intend to in the first place, you have done it.
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