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Having played out most of the classmate missions in VC2 (I'm still missing Jugin and Lavinia because you can only get the backstory for those two after you finish the game the first time around), here are my picks for favourite characters in no particular order:

Lavinia: I haven't unlocked her backstory yet, but she's awesome based on her tank alone. You'd be insane not to take her 1 CP Light Tank on the vast majority of missions.
Marion: Probably has one of the most interesting backstories.

However, I dislike the following characters:

Randy: Simply an asshole.
Vicky: Random savages don't fit the Gallian setting very well.
Inghild: Random prophetic hallucinations don't fit very well either.
Vario: His singing in the English version of VC2 is terrible, and he's a bit of a blow-hard.
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