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Originally Posted by Kallen4life View Post
you must be joking mate

pretty sure this is the highest first-day sales in the history of the industry

Skyrim is great, but sales-wise it's far from this tier

doubtful even it's lifetime sales will be this high

this is simply a matter of genre + insane CoD hype (& previous games)
but the thing is skyrim will be selling games long after it comes out, while CoD's will be rarely going off the shelfs, the majority of people that want to play the game have already gotten it and a good amount have already sold it (there was atleast 12 used at my gamestop)

not to mention skyrim is supose to have 6 DLC's and not map pack's

Not like it matters tho, Game sales doesn't count for GOTY.... which i ask, has a FPS ever won GOTY?
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