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Originally Posted by Detective-san View Post
The PV looks and sounds absolutely glorious.

Her lips throw me off a bit though, I don't really remember them being like that.
Yuuko usually "doesn't have lips", what threw me off the most from the PV was that her eyes where super wide, Yuuko usually has this sharp look and having big lips and eyes don't really represent that nicely.

Again this is the PV, in fact there is a fat chance that none of the images that we are seeing here make it to the actual show, so things could change.

The PV has this whole Tim Burtoneske feeling to it, and that's a very good direction to head when speaking of this series. BTW, I just noted that the last lines of the PVs are the first lines that Shadow Yuuko said to the regular crew, it was in chapter 13 I think.

Let's hope that Yuuko's nape wins and excellence award or something
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