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Originally Posted by BetoJR View Post
Interestingly, the number of units sold doesn't seem to hold the notion of the "white-hot" rage we more hardcore fans seem to be a part of. I don't think EA or Bioware will suffer any kind of net loss, with this game (or any DLC and spin-offs they surely will release in the future). Maybe it's just too soon...

It's also quite funny to note that the rate of people who bought the X-Box 360's version is almost 70% higher than the ones who bought the PS3's one, as far as consoles go.
Not sure they're counting digital downloads, tho (inexistent in the one from Microsoft). I bought it from SEN, myself.
People don't exactly know how the game was going to end until they bought them. This is what happens when game reviewers don't FINISH the game before giving their reviews.
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