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Originally Posted by TimeMask View Post
I was wondering if people would like to see their post count next to their rep?
And why your post count can only be viewed in your profile? yet rep is visible when posting under your avatar.

Most other forums show post count, seeing someones post count could be good to see how active they are on AnimeSuki without having to go into their profile.

I don't think most people would mind other people seeing them with a low post next to their rep so is there a particular reason post count is only visible in your profile.
No. The reason why the forum currently doesn't have it is because having the number constantly displayed makes people focus on it. It encourages people to make a lot of posts simply so that their number is bigger than everyone else's. We're better off when people make quality, well-thought out posts, yet those types of posts take time to make and aren't so great for raising your post count.

It's nice to see a person's post count if you're really interested, and so it's nice that it's displayed in the profile. There's no good reason to display it prominently outside of the profile.
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