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Originally Posted by TimeMask View Post
I only currently have 141 posts and I think displaying post count is good.
I don't know how many posts I have unless I check, I don't care, and I think it's bad. What of it?

Originally Posted by TimeMask View Post
There are Good and bad reasons to displaying post counts but I think it makes more sense to display it since people will want to see how many posts someone has made without going into their profile so they can see how active a member is (or themselves).
I've told you the reason it would be bad: it encourages spam. Spam is the absolute bane of any communication medium, and forums are no exception. If there is any one thing that should be avoided at all costs, it's spam. Do you disagree?

What's the good reason to displaying a post count? "You can see how active a member is?" I'll admit that I occasionally look at a user profile to see post count and posts per day (viewable in the statistics section of a profile), but that's only if I take interest in a user. If I see them posting, they're active, and does it really matter whether they're more or less active compared to someone else? Is it really that much effort to go into a user profile? Is it really that interesting to see everyone's post counts?

I'm not trying to say that post counts are useless. It's an interesting bit of info about someone. I just don't think it's critical information, and it's definitely not worth the risk of spam that it tends to encourage.
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