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Originally Posted by TimeMask View Post
Everyone's entitled to their opinion but you have been saying there's no good reason yet you list good reasons for post counts (like I quoted in the blue text in my previous post).
I'm going to repeat myself one more time.

There is a good reason to have a post count somewhere in the forum. There is no good reason to have it shown outside of the user profile. I have explained why, and I don't see you offering any counter arguments.

If you still think that I'm offering conflicting opinions then I'll assume that you're trolling.

Originally Posted by TimeMask View Post
On the poll that closed post counts only 88 people voted so not everyone got their say and the poll was nearly a tie:
I don't know why you keep bringing that poll up. Don't you realize that it's from 2004? That was eight years ago. The fact that eight years passed without anyone complaining about the post count should tell you something about how much users care about the issue.
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