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When shounen is no longer "shounen" anymore...

I actually hate to make threads like this but I already had this issue quite while ago. At least several years ago when Bleach and Naruto cool to me, I also read lots of good shounen mangas. However things have changed today as some of the shounen manga is losing its "shounen-ness" like rise of pretty boys(bishounen) and some shounen-ai(boys' love) hints. It pretty much like the shounen manga companies start making their products more appealing to female readers and of course their money. As an old-school shounen fan like myself, I felt alienated. The bishies and shounen-ai just don't work with me. Maybe I'm just too old to read the recent shounen titles but I also worry what will happen to shounen genre itself if this trend continues and evolved to whole new level. Will Japanese teenage boys stop reading shounen mangas or at least the sales dropped from the same people?

I also heard a joke from other forums "put some bishies in a non-shoujo mangas and it will print money". I hope someone who made that "joke" was right.
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